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Leading Energy and Infrastructure development Company

Navsar is a progressive business house offering a bouquet of services and solutions for the Energy & Infrastructure Industries.Since our founding in 2004, Nasvar has advised, executed and managed a diverse set of conventional, non-conventional power projects. Working with professionals from top-tier EPC and Consulting firms, Navsar aim to improve the efficiency,effectiveness and value of clients' assets. Nasvar Engineering International is an organization with the ability to provide your company or organization with comprehensive engineering support to contribute effectively to the implementation of interdisciplinary investment projects with resource management optimization, solution of operational issues and infrastructure maintenance.

The development of our engineering design is based on the analysis of the different stages and components that are a part of the implementation of any project. This allows us to identify the terms that provide alternatives in development, providing feedback for decision making that leads to the proposal of low cost solutions that ensure optimal system performance. In the field of construction, we have been involved in the development of civil projects in the areas of Basic Sanitation, construction of integrated water and sewage systems, direction of urban projects, and project management for the oil industry.